Pulling Back the Curtain: Are Your Employees Providing Customer Service “Magic”?

Right before I launched my company, FiveStar Customer Service Strategies, in 1998, I knew I needed credentials to be taken seriously as a customer service professional. So, I paid some “big bucks” to attend Disney’s Institute on Quality Customer Service.

Disney is famous for its customer-focused training regimen for all the employees at its resorts and theme parks. Ironically, I was the only tourism professional in the classroom of some 75. Attendees ranged from healthcare professionals, bankers, retailers, stockbrokers … you name it. But I immediately noted that every industry was in search of “a little magic” that could improve their operation.

Noticing the Little Things in Customer Service

Our group was fortunate to go backstage where the magic begins. And I got to meet the performer who was playing Cinderella that day just as she was getting ready to go on stage. I asked her what it was like to be such a coveted character. She shared that the dress was heavy and hot, and that she was always surrounded and tugged on by little girls who wanted their picture taken with her. She further stated that they had to swap out performers every couple of hours to effectively play their role. She showed me a black line on the floor that, once crossed, the fairy tale began — she “becomes” the charming princess.

From that short interaction, I learned a couple important Disney principles in creating a magical customer experience: “On-stage” and “Back-stage.”

Back-stage means you’re not in front of the customer. They cannot see you or hear you; however, you still have a role to play in the experience.

On-stage is everything the customer can see and hear to feel they are a part of the “performance.”

Are Your Employees Creating a Magical Experience?

Disney is known for creating a legendary customer experience by viewing each interaction as a show. What about YOUR company? How does your employees’ on-stage and back-stage “act” impact your customers’ experience?

If you’re not sure — or you know it could use improvement — it’s time to give me a call. I can help you ensure every point of contact with your customers is as “magical” as it should be.