How Would You Rate Your


How Would You Rate Your

Customer Service?

If It’s Not Rated Five Stars, It’s Time to Contact Rita!

Five star customer service is the foundation of your business, and a well-trained staff that consistently exceeds customer expectations will always set your organization apart.

Service Improvement

Because 51% of customers will never do business with you again after just one negative experience.

Customer Service Coaching

Because 7 out of 10 customers will spend more money with a company that delivers great service.

Performance Enhancement

Because customers will tell an average of 15 people about a poor service experience.

Brand Building

Because 96% of consumers say customer service is a critical factor in their choice of brand.

Mystery Shopping

Because evaluating the customer experience is crucial — you can’t fix what you don’t know.

If your team isn’t providing a consistently positive customer service experience, it’s time for FiveStar training.

Meet Customer Service Coach Rita Suiter

Rita Suiter helps companies and organizations up their game to win — and keep — more loyal customers. Her engaging methods and fresh perspective have helped leading healthcare organizations, financial services providers, educational institutions, tourism/government agencies and retail/wholesale companies instill positive “five star customer service” habits in their employees and build customer-first cultures.

If you’re looking to polish your brand, fine-tune your service delivery or establish a fresh approach — it’s time to partner with FiveStar Customer Service Strategies. Just call (229) 563-7482 or email Rita here.

Years of Experience

Satisfied Clients

Certified Coach

A Few Satisfied FiveStar Clients…

FiveStar Services

Coaching & Consulting

Coach Rita Suiter brings the training to you, optimizing your dollars and driving bottom-line performance improvement. Personal and small-group coaching, train-the-trainer services and companywide training options are available.


Program Facilitation

Identify bottlenecks and build synergy between co-workers and departments with a facilitated retreat or planning session.

Workshops & Retreats

Engaging FiveStar workshops gets everyone on their feet and in the game — from frontline employees to topline managers.

Tourism Development

Explore new ways to raise the bar on your visitor experience with customized training — from 2-hours to multi-day programs.

Motivational Speaking

Whether it’s a keynote address, session presentation or panel discussion, let Rita deliver a high energy, power-packed presentation for your next meeting or event.

Mystery Shopping

Get an honest, in-depth evaluation of your service delivery through the eyes of a customer-service pro.