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Your Go-To Coach for Customer Service Superstars

Let Customer Service Coach Rita Suiter show you the way! Just call (229) 563-7482 or email Rita to schedule an on-site training session.


FiveStar Customer Service Strategies utilizes a unique, interactive approach that engages and energizes your entire team. Coach Rita Suiter excels because she understands not only the mind of the customer, but also what motivates your employees — most of whom are willing and able to provide exceptional service. They simply need the insight and motivation to deliver it consistently.


Small-group Coaching — Train-the-Trainer  — Company-wide Training

Some of our most in-demand training topics include:

  • Customer Service Audit — Identifying internal and external customer service improvement opportunities.
  • Hiring for Fit — Behavioral interviewing and screening to ensure your hires are a good fit for your company’s service philosophy.
  • Training for Service — How to develop courteous, service-oriented, resourceful and outgoing team players.
  • Internal Customer Service — Creating an internal customer service team.
  • On-the-spot Resolution — Empowering techniques that allow your staff to take care of small problems before they become big problems.
  • Customer Service Tool Kits — How to develop handbooks, guides and tools for ongoing staff development.
  • Image and Professionalism — Identifying first- and last-impression opportunities.
  • Performance Standards — How to develop customer service standards and incorporate them into performance evaluations.
  • What to Say When — Scripting for specific customer encounters.
  • Sustaining Customer Satisfaction — How to keep the momentum going.

Not all customer service coaches are equal!

Rita has trained CEOs and truck drivers, cashiers and doctors. But her philosophy remains the same: Great service is the foundation of sustainable business — because your front-line impacts your bottom-line.